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Welcome to the new-look site. The new one aims to be more consistent and stable as well as easier on the eye than in the past. Pages should also be easier to read on smartphones and smaller screens from now on.

As we manage the transition to the new site, all articles will be free to all users for the next two months. On return to the subscription model, all current and new paying users will have an extra three months added to the term of their subscription. Note that you are no longer restricted to PayPal for payment.

The whole archive has been transferred to the new site – more than 500 articles going back 20 years and more. We hope to classify the archive by subject in due course and from time-to-time will be making reading lists or collections around particular topics. In the meanwhile, please use the search box (which appears at the top of every page) which, we hope, will lead you to anything you’re looking for.

As ever, thank you for your loyalty, most of you over many years. Don’t hesitate to let me know any issues – and suggestions will be welcome.

Conglomerates are dead. Long live the conglomerate

When GE announced recently that it was splitting itself into three, it triggered a rash of articles declaring the end of a defining chapter in corporate history, signalling among other things just ‘how far from favour the conglomerate form has fallen’ (FT). Like many such obituaries (and these were far from the first), this one […]